Reiki Classes


 “Universal Life Force Energy”

Reiki is our birthright.  Attunement by a master teacher and certification classes awaken us to the innate healer that is within us. Classes teach us about this universal life force energy as the channel for healing ourselves, each other, our animal brothers and sisters, the plant kingdom, our earth, and our world.



  • Reiki Level 1 Classes
  • Reiki Level 2 Classes
  • Reiki Level 3 Classes
  • Master Teacher Classes
  • Reiki Practitioner Training Sessions

Karen continues as Master Teacher for her students to build community and provide ongoing mentoring, continual support, education, experience, and growth as a healer.

Rates: Level :1 $ 175   Level 2:  $ 250   Level 3: $ 350  Master Level: $450

Reiki Practitioner Training: 2½ hour group sessions $45.

Contact Karen to discuss further.