“Working with Karen Lemieux only one time has changed my life for the better.  She guided me into finding unrealized obstacles that have been holding me back mentally, spiritually and physically.  It was truly one of the best experiences in my life.  Now I am more focused on my personal, professional, and spiritual goals. Karen helped me remove the realized and unrealized negative barriers and become a renewed positive being!”

Betsy McKaige


“It was my good fortune to have Karen facilitate an intuitive healing session.  At all times I felt the gentleness emanating from Karen as she guided me towards my own self-reflective journey.  I felt an innate sense of safety to share my vulnerability in my healing process.   I experienced a shift and release in blocked energies which created space for new good in my life.  I would highly recommend Karen for anyone who needs guidance to help propel them forward in their journey, as we all can get a little blocked at times.”

Lisa Barrett
Touched By Art


“Karen Lemieux is one of the most genuine and loving individuals I have ever met. Intuitive, comforting and nurturing by nature, her positive energy and inner peace has a calming effect on all those she meets. Whether it’s in casual conversation, attending one of her workshops or reading any of her articles, the compassion and love she has for her family, friends and those she works with comes shining through. A beautiful spiritual being, all are welcomed and loved in Karen’s presence.”

Angie Russo

“I wasn’t familiar with Reiki and Karen was offering a Reiki I class. I decided to take it and I’m glad I did because it has changed my life in positive ways. Reiki keeps me calm, relaxed, focused, and is a wonderful alternative I use as part of keeping my health balanced. I have now taken Reiki I and II with Karen.  She is an excellent teacher and being in her presence you feel positive energy, and relaxation. It’s wonderful the power we have within us. I highly recommend taking Reiki with Karen.”

Cindy Marino